iSmart Program Guidance

All iSmart Programs include an Introduction with information about:

  • How to Use iSmart Materials
  • Program Structure
  • Program Overview


Actual Screenshot from Year 2 Program Introduction.


The section “How to use iSmart Materials” contains detailed information on the topics:

  • Daily Main Lesson
  • Difficulty Levels
  • Verses, Songs & Poems
  • Reflection Questions
  • Retelling, Discussion & Brainstorming
  • Main Lesson Book (Workbook)
  • Book Work, Artwork & Creating
  • Worksheets (Printable)
  • Stories, Poems & New Topics
  • English & Mathematics
  • Afternoon Sessions
  • Special Interest Projects
  • Assessment Checklists
  • Research



In addition, every Term Introduction includes a basic Equipment List, so you know, in advance, what items you will need to deliver the lessons in the coming Term.


Actual Screenshot from Year 2 Program Equipment List. 


iSmart Program Structure

iSmart Programs run on a regular weekly cycle. Shown here is the suggested Weekly Timetable. You may adjust this to suit your individual learning needs and preferences. 


Actual Suggested Weekly Timetable.

iSmart Annual Overview

Each program provides an Overview of the learning objectives for the year so you can see what’s covered in each Term.


Actual Screenshot from Year 2 Program, Term 1 Overview.

iSmart Learning Days

Every day is laid out the same way so there are no surprises. This is good for both the Teacher and the Learner, so they know what is to come next. For Example:

Actual Screenshot from Year 2 Program, Maths Lesson.

Printable Worksheets

Many lessons contain special activity Worksheets which can be printed out for use in class. Worksheets contain a range of tasks and resources for the Week. We recommend that completed Worksheets are kept as part of a Student Portfolio to demonstrate learning and achievements.


Actual Screenshot from Year 2 Program, Worksheet Task.

Extra Resources

iSmart provides a range of additional learning resources. For example:

  • Collections of stories aligned to the program theme and age group.
  • Annual Checklists.
  • Revision Tasks.
  • Project Templates.


Actual Screenshot from Year 2 Program, Term 1 Story Book.

Try Before You Buy

iSmart Free Demo Courses

See for yourself how simple the iSmart system is. Our Free Demo Courses give you 5 days of learning at the program level you choose.