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iSmart was founded on the belief that learners everywhere should have access to high quality learning materials that make a positive difference in their lives.

The iSmart design is focussed on 3 key aspects of the educational process: 

  1. Content - our content is fresh, modern, and engaging having been created by experienced, professional educators to align with the national Australian curriculum.
  2. Method - we chose the Modern Waldorf Approach which balances the learning needs of the whole child, fostering, and nourishing them intellectually, practically, and emotionally.
  3. System - selecting an online delivery system allows immediate access globally and allows you to track daily progress through our annual programs.


Program Structure

iSmart Programs are structured like this:

  • Each Year has 4 Terms
  • Each Term has 10 Weeks
  • Each Week has 5 Days
  • Each Day has 3 Sessions
  • Each Session has a different learning focus


iSmart Programs include Lesson Plans, Weekly Timetable, Stories & Poems, Work Samples, unique Activity Worksheets, Progress Checklists, and extra ideas for activities and games.

iSmart Programs provide a range of course subjects including English Language, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), HASS (Humanities & Social Sciences), HPE (Health & Physical Education), the Arts & Design.


Modern Waldorf Method

iSmart is more than just a curriculum, it is the result of years of research and development assessing pedagogies (learning methods), course content, and learning outcomes.

We selected the Modern Waldorf Approach as most appropriate learning method for our target age group, being Pre-School to Year 6. This method follows Rudolf Steiner's philosophy which supports learning of both knowledge and essential skills allowing learners to develop their cognitive ability as well as social development, problem solving, and more.

The Modern Waldorf Approach places emphasis on the role of the imagination in learning, fostering, and nourishing the whole child: intellectually, practically, and emotionally. iSmart lessons include the development of social skills and ethical values throughout the program.


Homeschool Benefits

iSmart Programs are structured to allow easy use at home with lessons that can be scheduled in the day or week to suit your lifestyle.

Some of the many benefits of homeschooling are:

  • There is no pressure to rush off to school each day. You save time and cost of daily travel. This time is better spent learning at home.
  • Learners can study at their own pace. There is no pressure to conform to a class of other learners. Faster Learners can move ahead without constraint, and you can choose to revisit hard lessons again if you wish to.
  • Going to school can be expensive and some families cannot afford the cost of school fees, school uniforms, and extra activity fees. This money is better spent investing in materials to support the learning activities for better education outcomes at home.
  • Children learning at home will often gain more confidence and independence in their approach to life. This is because they have more time to ask questions, to research, and learn problem solving techniques alongside the development of their own creativity.


Other iSmart Benefits

  • The iSmart approach to learning is a discovery-based method where learners are encouraged to seek out answers and knowledge for themselves. In doing this, they learn essential skills (research, time management, initiative) and also retain more knowledge. This is because the simple act of discovering and processing new information by themselves is a more powerful aid to learning and remembering.
  • iSmart lessons provide a range of extra activities that inspire and educate through physical activities like songs, games, cooking, sports, outdoor exploration, and music.
  • The iSmart learning method develops a more capable student who can think independently and has a range of intellectual and emotional learnings to balance and cushion their future experiences.
  • Many of the iSmart core lessons have 3 Levels of Difficulty. This allows the learner to select the appropriate level of task for their capability. It also means that a single lesson can be repeated at more difficult levels to extend the use of iSmart materials over and again.

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Homeschooling versus Distance Learning

There is a very important difference between Homeschooling and Distance Learning, you should know the difference before you decide which options is right for you. Read on to find out more and to decided.

Distance Learning

This education model is where a qualified Teacher uses remote communication to teach a student from afar. All schoolbooks and course content are supplied to Parents via post (sometimes via email or online) so the Parent can deliver the course to their child. Schoolwork is sent back to the Distance Learning Teacher who will mark or grade the work. All marking and reports are maintained and issued by the course provider.

Distance Learning is usually more expensive due to the involvement of the qualified Teacher from the course provider. Distance Learning also requires the Parent to communicate back and forth with the Teacher, whilst this provides some support, it is also an additional task which requires time and effort over the core task of teaching at home.



This education model is similar to Distance Learning except for 2 very important differences:

  1. With Homeschooling the Parent is the Teacher,
  2. The Parent will assess and grade the learner’s work.

Under a Homeschool model the course provider still provides the course content and learning materials. (iSmart's curriculum has been created by qualified, professional educators and designed for easy use at home.)

Using a Homeschool model gives the Parent far more control over the course delivery, the level of difficulty, and the timetable for schoolwork. The Parent is able to make decisions about appropriate activities like games, outdoor work, and special interest projects. This allows greater flexibility for the Parent to fit schoolwork into their lifestyle.

The Parent manages their child’s education which includes assessing and grading. This is why Homeschooling is usually a far more cost-effective option, but which still has the same high quality learning outcomes that you need.

iSmart has chosen to deliver a Homeschool study option as the best way to reach more learners with our high quality curriculum at an affordable price.

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iSmart FAQ

Home User Questions

  • I have no teaching experience; can I deliver a homeschool program to my child?

    Yes, you can! Most countries require you to register the fact that you will teach your child at home but there is usually no requirement to have teaching experience (you should confirm your specific rules with your own government authority). Our programs are designed with a home parent/teacher in mind, we provide easy to follow guidance with a daily lesson plan.

  • Does it matter where I live?

    iSmart is proud to serve every country in the world. However, you must check with your own government authority to ensure homeschooling is allowed in your country and what requirements there are to register for homeschooling, if any. This website may help you to find more information about the legal status and mandatory homeschool requirements in your country:

  • Who can homeschool my child?

    Homeschooling is usually done by parents. However families sometimes engage the services of a qualified teacher or tutor to support their child’s learning. It is your choice who delivers your iSmart program, it could be you, a relative, or a paid professional. iSmart programs can be used by anyone.

  • Am I able start homeschooling at any time?

    Yes, you can start at any time throughout the year. You do not necessarily have to follow the school year or term dates of your country or region, although you should check with your local country requirements and consider aligning with the normal school year if possible. This will assist in keeping pace with the developmental age of your child and may support the return to mainstream school in the future.

  • Am I able to use a Homeschool program as an add-on to mainstream schooling?

    Yes, you can. Some parents want to provide supplementary study to their child’s regular schooling. Sometimes the regular school curriculum does not provide enough choice in subjects or faster learners need extra material to keep them busy. Sometimes it is simply a matter of studying in a different language. iSmart programs are an ideal choice to use as extra-curricular studies because the lesson structure is very flexible, allowing you to pick and choose what and when to study.