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We are a professional team dedicated to improving education. Our team members are all passionate about education. Our team brings together knowledge and extensive experience from all areas of education including primary, secondary, and tertiary as well as international programs and vocational studies.


iSmart is more than just a curriculum, iSmart is the result of years of research and development assessing pedagogies (learning methods), course content, and learning outcomes. We have arrived at the most appropriate learning method for our target age group with the Modern Waldorf Approach. This method follows Rudolf Steiner's philosophy placing emphasis on the role of the imagination in learning, fostering, and nourishing the whole child; intellectually, practically, and emotionally.





Cam Brunton

Co-Founder & Owner


Cam comes from a background of software development, project management, and IT consulting. He transferred his ability to develop creative solutions into the education sector and education consulting in 2015. Here Cam discovered a professional desire to support continuous improvement in the development of education methods, systems, and philosophies. He firmly believes in quality and consistency.




Nattinee Nimitsil

Co-Founder & Owner


Nattinee has been active in education since 2012 and has founded a digital school in Thailand and Finland. She is keenly interested in alternative education, vocational skills, technology courses, and English language programs. Her strong business background has underpinned the importance of learners to develop core skills as early as possible in their education journey.



Jen Brunton

Co-Founder & Owner


Jen has been involved in international education since 2000. Her broad experience in this sector has instilled a deep appreciation for the benefits of good education and the determination to support quality in education. Jen is particularly focussed on ensuring young learners get the best possible start in their education no matter where they are in the world. Jen believes that good basic education supports lifelong learning which empowers individuals to take control of their future. iSmart has allowed Jen to put theory into practice to deliver an excellent learning opportunity for young learners everywhere.




Hayley Clearihan

Curriculum Developer


(Bachelor of Education & BA in Psychology)
 Hayley has worked in the education sector since 2006 and has supported hundreds of students and families globally. She has developed a strong sense of the academic and social/emotional needs and requirements for students and children, depending on their developmental stages. Hayley has worked with students from 4-18 years old in her capacity as a teacher in mainstream, independent, and private educational sectors. With experience in Steiner education and recognising the need to foster the whole child (social, emotional, academic) Hayley has developed the Modern Waldorf Approach.

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International Smart Study


iSmart is headquartered in South Australia where our programs are developed to align with the Australian Curriculum. Through the use of technology iSmart is able to delivery study options to learners worldwide. iSmart programs support learning of both knowledge and essential skills allowing learners to develop their cognitive ability as well as social development, problem solving, and more.