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International Smart Study

The iSmart Curriculum is a perfect fit for schools and education groups looking for international programs using a modern learning method.

iSmart makes it easy to implement the iSmart Curriculum and begin teaching. The iSmart Curriculum includes everything you need to deliver your lessons, so you don’t have to create them yourself.

With iSmart you get the annual learning goals along with the content specially created to achieve those goals. You get structured, daily lesson plans that integrate with the learning sequence across the Week, Term, and Year. We also provide activities, and project ideas along with unique activity worksheets included in the daily lessons.

By using iSmart you greatly reduce the effort in preparing for lessons, this means you can redeploy that effort into delivering the lessons and achieving better learning outcomes.

The iSmart design is focussed on 3 key aspects of the educational process:

  1. Content - our content is fresh, modern, and engaging having been created by experienced, professional educators to align with the national Australian curriculum.
  2. Method - we chose the Modern Waldorf Approach which balances the learning needs of the whole child, fostering, and nourishing them intellectually, practically, and emotionally.
  3. System - selecting an online delivery system gives teachers immediate access globally and allows them to track daily progress through our annual programs.

iSmart Program Structure

iSmart Programs are structured like this:

  • Each Year has 4 Terms
  • Each Term has 10 Weeks
  • Each Week has 5 Days
  • Each Day has 3 Sessions
  • Each Session has a different learning focus


iSmart Programs include Lesson Plans, Weekly Timetable, Stories & Poems, Work Samples, unique Activity Worksheets, Project Templates, Progress Checklists, and extra ideas for activities and games.

iSmart Programs provide a range of course subjects including English Language, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), HASS (Humanities & Social Sciences), HPE (Health & Physical Education), the Arts & Design.

The Challenge of Lesson Planning

Schools and Teachers everywhere spend considerable time and effort to transform a curriculum’s annual learning requirements and course content into daily lessons. Lessons should deliver knowledge, skills, and experiences that form part of a greater sequence of connected learning across an entire program. This is a challenge for all educators, but with iSmart all that work is already done for you! Teachers simply need to read ahead for the coming week and prepare any physical equipment needed for creative activities.

The structure of iSmart Programs provides the flexibility to swap iSmart content and lessons for your own. If you prefer to focus on a language other than English or use material more relevant to your country or region, then you are able to do this. We can work with your Teachers and Program Managers to discuss ideas.

Teachers around the world typically spend 50% of their time preparing material and planning lessons for their classes.

iSmart School Packages

iSmart offers Curriculum Packages with special pricing for Schools. Contact us now to discover how to get started with better education for your learners.
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The Modern Waldorf Approach

Why Was it Developed?

Many educational philosophies can work effectively in the classroom, but it is up to teachers to honour the pedagogies that work best for their learners. The Modern Waldorf Approach is a calm and rhythmic way of delivering education and learning, with focuses on multiple intelligences and a connection to art and nature. 

How Was it Developed? 

Modern Waldorf takes elements from Rudolf Steiner's Philosophy which places emphasis on the role of the imagination in learning and attempts to foster and nourish the whole child (intellectually, practically, and emotionally). Within Modern Waldorf, there is also an emphasis on embedding new and relevant approaches into the learning experience. This is done in a way that fuses up-to-date, quality practises and ideas, with the tried and true practises of the past.

How Can it be Used?

The Modern Waldorf Approach already being used in classrooms worldwide because it’s a practise that makes sense. The approach is flexible in allowing any subject to be delivered using it’s blended learning method. It is especially suited to young learners who are still exploring a range of subjects and getting to grips with the world around them. Young learners are still developing their understanding of the wider world and require guidance to support their learning process. The Modern Waldorf Approach easily fits into the typical school environment providing stronger individualised programs for learners.

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Our sample courses provide 5 days of structured learning so your Teachers and Educators can see how easy it is to deliver high quality education with iSmart Programs.

iSmart FAQ

School User Questions

  • Do you offer pricing for groups?

    Yes. If you are you a School, Homeschool Hub, or Education Community then we can offer a package to suit the needs of your education group. Visit our “Contact” page to connect with us and discover more.

  • What is the Modern Waldorf Approach?

    iSmart’s pedagogy follows Rudolf Steiner's education philosophy that places emphasis on the role of our imagination in the learning process. The Modern Waldorf Approach fosters and nourishing the whole child: intellectually, practically, emotionally. iSmart lessons include the development of social skills and ethical values throughout the program to support a fully rounded developmental outcome.

  • Will our teachers need training?

    No, your teachers should not need to be trained to deliver iSmart programs. Our curriculum content aligns with the typical subject matter for the age groups represented, so we would expect experienced teachers to be able to easily deliver our program content. However, we will provide basic orientation to our learning management system and provide guidance to your academic team to implement our programs.

  • Can we customise lessons, swap subjects and content in or out?

    Yes, you can, the iSmart program structure is very flexible and allows you to introduce your own subjects, lessons, and learning materials. A good example might be our English Language Lessons, you might want to swap these for lessons about your own language. Teachers are also able to add their own content to extend or customise lessons to suit your learners, your region, or preference. Talk to us to find out more.

  • How does iSmart save time and effort for Teachers?

    It is common for teachers, around the world, to spend 50% of their time preparing material and planning lessons for their classes. With iSmart there is no need to do this. iSmart programs contain easy to follow daily lesson plans which integrate with the learning sequence across the Week, Term, and Year. Teachers should read ahead to see what is coming for the week, but they don’t need to create anything.