iSmart Program Information

iSmart Program Information


iSmart programs follow the Modern Waldorf Approach combining beautiful and natural elements of Rudolf Steiner's philosophies with engaging activities based on the Australian Curriculum. We also provide Free Demo Courses so you to try before you buy.


iSmart annual programs are divided into 4 Terms of 10 Weeks each. Terms have the following general structure:


Terms 1, 2 & 3

  • Each Term contains step-by-step, day-by-day lesson plans that are specifically designed to use the Modern Waldorf Approach.
  • Each unit of work has been created to align with the appropriate developmental ages and stages of the Learner.
  • Term work includes a main lesson, numeracy lessons, and literacy lessons, as well as activities, songs, versus, and workbook examples.


Term 4 

  • Term 4 is a little different with the primary focus being reflection and consolidation of the learning from Terms 1-3. This ensures the Learner is prepared to progress to the next year of study.
  • Term 4 is Learner-driven allowing them to spend more time on areas that they need to improve on. 
  • Term 4 culminates in tasks which give Learners the ability to demonstrate their learning for their portfolios.



Overview of iSmart Program Contents


All iSmart programs cover the subjects:

  • Maths
  • English
  • Science
  • HASS (Humanities & Social Sciences)
  • The Arts & Design


All iSmart programs include:

  • Lesson Plans
  • Weekly Timetable
  • Stories & Poems
  • Work Samples
  • Unique Worksheets
  • Term 4 Checklists for Maths & English
  • Extra Activity Ideas


Learning Difficulty

iSmart program design follows a responsive learning method which allows for flexibility in delivery to adjust to the Learner’s needs. By using the same content, but changing the expectations of the outcome, you can adjust the learning difficulty setting day-by-day. There are 2 ways this works:


  1. Many lessons have 3 Levels of difficulty provided. You, or the Learner, may choose the level that best suits the Learner’s capability. 
  2. With quizzes and testing you can set your own expectation of what passing grade is required. For example, with a Maths Quiz of 10 Questions, you can set a pass mark at 6 correct answers, 8 correct answers, or even all 10 answers. 


Hint: You can always revisit the same lesson later and choose a harder difficulty level or higher pass mark. This provides a simple way to extend the program content and improve the learning outcomes.


iSmart Program Themes

Each of our yearly programs has a specific theme which is aligned with the developmental age and cognitive stage of the learner. It also provides variety from year-to-year. Our themes are:


  • Prep: Magical Themes & Fairy tales - Magic happens everywhere, the world is magic
  • Year 1: Magical Themes & Fairy tales - Magic happens everywhere, the world is magic
  • Year 2: Celtic Tales - Magic happens sometimes, a greater sense of awareness
  • Year 3: Hebrew Tales & Creation Stories - Gaining a sense of stability through authority
  • Year 4: Vikings - Striving for individual competency and seeking justice
  • Year 5: Greek Mythology - Forming distinct identities to see our mistakes as well as others'
  • Year 6: (Program coming soon) The Roman Empire - Questioning authority and developing our own ideas