• Choose iSmart

    iSmart provides Annual Programs for young learners based on the Australian Curriculum. iSmart Programs provide a full academic year of learning which can be used in either a school or homeschool setting. iSmart is the smart study choice providing a complete, structured, study solution that supports your learning goals.

  • Modern Waldorf Approach

    iSmart’s pedagogy follows Rudolf Steiner's philosophy emphasising the role of imagination in learning. This approach fosters and nourishes the whole child balancing intellectual, practical, and emotional aspects. iSmart programs enable and support the development of social skills and ethical values.

  • iSmart Curriculum

    The iSmart Curriculum has been created by professional educators to align with the Australian Curriculum. iSmart programs deliver structured learning that is sequenced across the year allowing young learners to explore a balanced range of subjects: English Language, STEM, HASS, HPE, Design and the Arts.

Why Choose iSmart?

The iSmart team is passionate about education, we believe that every child deserves access to good quality education. That’s why we are excited to provide these modern learning options using a powerful education method and proven international curriculum to enable the learning process and support better learning outcomes!


Why Choose iSmart?

  1. iSmart programs are aligned with the Australian Curriculum.
  2. iSmart programs are written by professional Australian educators who have experience teaching a broad range of subjects.
  3. iSmart programs are easy to understand and follow with step by step guidance and daily lesson plans.
  4. iSmart programs provide a range of course subjects including English Language, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), HASS (Humanities & Social Sciences), HPE (Health & Physical Education), the Arts & Design.
  5. All iSmart programs include Lesson Plans, Suggested Weekly Timetable, Stories & Poems, Work Samples, Unique Worksheets, Checklists, along with extra project and activity ideas.
  6. iSmart lessons have a rhythmic approach, following the core structure of the Modern Waldorf Approach. 
  7. iSmart courses encourage learners to develop their own interests and talents bringing them into individual creative projects.
  8. iSmart programs have annual themes that align with the developmental age of the learner.

iSmart FAQ

  • What subjects do your programs include?

    iSmart programs provide a range of course subjects including English Language, STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics), HASS (Humanities & Social Sciences), HPE (Health & Physical Education). These subjects are introduced gradually across our programs as the developmental age of the learner increases. Some subjects are simplified for young learners, so they have an easier entry point into the subject. For instance, some games and activities form the foundation for science-based knowledge providing the context to understand later material.

  • What content do your programs include?

    iSmart programs include Lesson Plans, Weekly Timetable, Stories, Poems, Work Samples, unique Activity Worksheets (printable), progress Checklists, and extra ideas for activities and games.

  • How are your programs structured?

    iSmart programs are Annual Programs with 4 Terms. Each Term has 10 Weeks, and each week has 5 Days of Lessons. This provides 40 Weeks of learning in each iSmart Program.

  • Can I see your programs before I buy?

    Yes, you can! iSmart has a free demonstration course for each of our annual programs. See the menu at the top of our website, click on “PROGRAMS” and then select the filter for “Demonstration Courses” just under the Products heading.

  • Do I need any equipment or materials for your programs?

    Learners will get the best out of an iSmart program if you provide some basic materials to support their creative activities. Each Term begins with a suggested equipment list including things like crayons, pencils, paints, and art paper. We also provide reading book Ideas for additional reading practise. You can choose to replace creative session ideas with your own if you can’t get the materials required.

  • How do I track learning progress?

    At the end of each Lesson is a button to click “Complete & Continue”, by doing this the iSmart system will show you which Lessons you have already completed, and which ones remain to be done. In Term 4 we provide annual learning goal checklists which can be used to manually track progress of individual learning outcomes. Learners are encouraged to create their own Workbook or Student Portfolio to keep their physical work on paper. Workbooks act as a record of learning throughout the year.